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  • Trust Issues: Damage Control From Fake News Sites. Shopping on line, how to trust what you see on the the internet find one of a kind Baltic design at One of Your Kind

    Trust Issues: Damage Control From Fake News Sites

    It takes a lot of trust to buy something on the internet. What if the product doesn’t match the description? You cannot see it, touch it, try it on. Blind trust is imperative but not easy. Long ago, pre-internet, shopping from catalogs was the only choice if you happened to live far from a big …

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  • Wood kitchen set. Every piece is hand carved one of a kind and unique.

    Looking for those one of a kind designers

    Its not that easy filling One of Your Kind with cool Latvian designs. I always say that if I knit one day, it takes three days to do everything else- the photoshoot, 5 per item, color correcting each photo, yup all 5. Then there is the writing, naming, measuring and getting it all on line. Most …

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  • Galaxy waterproof lightweight toddler kids backpack with adjustable starps by TwinkleTwinkle LV. One of a kind. Free shipping worldwide.

    TwinkleTwinkle – cool backpacks for kids!

    Have you ever had to empty out the pockets of a small child’s cargo pants before doing the laundry? It is amazing and sometimes even scary what one can find there. When Sofija was 2 1/2 and climbed all the way up to the 6th floor to visit me, she somehow managed to bring pockets …

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  • Lastroda Bridal Crown

    Crowns And Tiaras Make The Scene

    It is really Brigita Stroda aka Lastroda the one of a kind crowns and tiaras queen who got the ball rolling. She was coming to visit, and knowing that Brigita, like Annie was from Australia I also invited Annie, assuming they knew each other. Well Australia is huge, and the Latvian diaspora is scattered, so …

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  • One of Your Kind Team Annie Inese Dace

    A series of small serendipities created One of Your Kind

    Nothing happens by chance. It was just meant to be. Where do I even start… how about Inese, Annie, and Dace, in that order? I’m Inese and I have spent my life as an artist creating never before seen design, starting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, through 16 years in San Francisco …

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  • Sterling silver ring with prase opal and jadeite by Zane Vilka. Hand made, hollow constructed. Stones are natural. Free shipping worldwide.

    Jewelry by Zane Vilka

    Jewelry by Zane Vilka contains the cosmos, from the subtle harmony of flower petals, the vastness of the sun and the universe to the organic shapes of mitosis, cell splitting. Simple, organic, stunning- jewelry as art that is one of your kind. Zane worka as jewellery artist and designer for more than twenty years. When …

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  • Colette Deco by Baiba Rimeika

    Colette Deco – unique, original statement in style

    We are very happy to have one more One of Your Kind team member – Colette Deco! Delight in the vibrant array of a string of original abstract art that has the soothing warmth of wooden beads. Each bead is hand painted with hints of wildflower meadows, berries ripe for picking and dreams for your …

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  • wedding bridal custom made crown by Brigita Lastroda free shipping worldwide

    Time for a Bridal Crown Revival

    Crowns and tiaras have long been the bridal accessory of choice for royals, the rich, famous and refined. It is a classic, timeless and often heirloom accessory, that has to be worn by strong personalities with massive self-confindence. Why not to have your own, custom made crown for your wedding day?  Artist Brigita Stroda aka Lastroda is a …

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  • GAIJA is an experimental, small jewelery brand, created and manage by ceramic artist and designer from Latvia - Agnese Sunepa.

    Gaija Jewelry

    After a year spent in Turkey Agnese came back to Latvia full of inspiration. First of all she decided to continue her ceramics studies in Art Academy of Latvia. Secondly, she created jewelry brand GAIJA as gratitude to nature that always has been her biggest motivation and muse. When trying to describe GAIJA, lightness, delicacy and femininity comes …

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  • Andrii Art

    Welcome, Andrii Art!

    Meet Andris Mihalskis, the owner and designer of leather accessories brand Andrii Art! He really can be proud of his level of craftsmanship! “I make high quality handmade leather products with an accurate and functional design. The trend I want to pursue at Andrii Art is a modern elegance. Good materials, steel and certificated leather ensure my …

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