• Lilija set by Kusins consists of a strapless linen top and bottoms, trimmed with soft linen lace. It is made from specially processed linen. Free shipping.

    Every day should be Valentines day

    Never hesitate to tell someone you love them, or to give an every day Valentine’s gift for him or her. It can be as simple as a smile, a hug, saying thank you, saying the words “I love you”. Don’t worry if there is no answer at first, sometimes you have to say “I love …

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  • Cradle for newborn babies created using good quality and environmentally-friendly materials, easy to assemble and functional in use. Free shipping worldwide.

    Oh baby, lets get some sleep tonight!

    If you have a newborn it may feel like years before sleep will ever happen again, and I don’t mean baby sleep, I mean mom and dad sleep:) What does it take to get a baby to sleep? When my nephew was an infant he had a bouncy seat that was made of thick wire …

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  • Lavander Kitchen Flower Apron / Tea Towel / Wooden Cooking Set / Handmade Wooden Spatula / Handmade Wooden Spoon Free Shipping Worldwide

    The gourmands holiday gift list: Baltic linen & hand carved wooden spoons

    Have you ever bought a gift for someone and then ended up keeping it for yourself? I’ve filled my kitchen with mugs, vases, platters and bowls from that habit. It’s a good habit, I’m happy. On the other hand there are people like my mom who had a gift shelf packed with gifts for all …

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  • SALE Snow Apples

    One of Your Kind Christmas gifts on sale!

    It’s a bit like the boy who cried “wolf” the constant barrage of SALE! All the promises of 24 hours sales, Black Friday sale, Christmas sale, last chance sale in the manner of groundhog day, it keeps coming back, every day is the last chance 5 more hours only sale. Does anything ever come full …

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  • Very long knitted, colorful and comfortable yoga or dancing socks. Made from 50% wool / 50% acryl yarn. Free shipping worldwide.

    Knitted leg warmers keep the chill out

    There is always the place between the bottom of your coat and the tops of your boots that is freezing cold. If you like to wear dresses its worse, and sometimes even jeans won’t keep your knees warm. I used to have an hour and a half commute involving carpools, busses, trains, walking or waiting to get a ride …

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  • Trust Issues: Damage Control From Fake News Sites. Shopping on line, how to trust what you see on the the internet find one of a kind Baltic design at One of Your Kind

    Trust Issues: Damage Control From Fake News Sites

    It takes a lot of trust to buy something on the internet. What if the product doesn’t match the description? You cannot see it, touch it, try it on. Blind trust is imperative but not easy. Long ago, pre-internet, shopping from catalogs was the only choice if you happened to live far from a big …

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  • Wood kitchen set. Every piece is hand carved one of a kind and unique.

    Looking for those one of a kind designers

    Its not that easy filling One of Your Kind with cool Latvian designs. I always say that if I knit one day, it takes three days to do everything else- the photoshoot, 5 per item, color correcting each photo, yup all 5. Then there is the writing, naming, measuring and getting it all on line. Most …

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  • Galaxy waterproof lightweight toddler kids backpack with adjustable starps by TwinkleTwinkle LV. One of a kind. Free shipping worldwide.

    TwinkleTwinkle – cool backpacks for kids!

    Have you ever had to empty out the pockets of a small child’s cargo pants before doing the laundry? It is amazing and sometimes even scary what one can find there. When Sofija was 2 1/2 and climbed all the way up to the 6th floor to visit me, she somehow managed to bring pockets …

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  • Lastroda Bridal Crown

    Crowns And Tiaras Make The Scene

    It is really Brigita Stroda aka Lastroda the one of a kind crowns and tiaras queen who got the ball rolling. She was coming to visit, and knowing that Brigita, like Annie was from Australia I also invited Annie, assuming they knew each other. Well Australia is huge, and the Latvian diaspora is scattered, so …

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  • One of Your Kind Team Annie Inese Dace

    A series of small serendipities created One of Your Kind

    Nothing happens by chance. It was just meant to be. Where do I even start… how about Inese, Annie, and Dace, in that order? I’m Inese and I have spent my life as an artist creating never before seen design, starting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, through 16 years in San Francisco …

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