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  • GAIJA is an experimental, small jewelery brand, created and manage by ceramic artist and designer from Latvia - Agnese Sunepa.

    Gaija Jewelry

    After a year spent in Turkey Agnese came back to Latvia full of inspiration. First of all she decided to continue her ceramics studies in Art Academy of Latvia. Secondly, she created jewelry brand GAIJA as gratitude to nature that always has been her biggest motivation and muse. When trying to describe GAIJA, lightness, delicacy and femininity comes …

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  • Andrii Art

    Welcome, Andrii Art!

    Meet Andris Mihalskis, the owner and designer of leather accessories brand Andrii Art! He really can be proud of his level of craftsmanship! “I make high quality handmade leather products with an accurate and functional design. The trend I want to pursue at Andrii Art is a modern elegance. Good materials, steel and certificated leather ensure my …

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  • Hand engraved design into a handpicked Baltic Sea Beach stone by Balticstone. Brown PU leather cord.

    Join us in welcoming Balticstone!

    Today is a great plus one news day! Please join us in welcoming Balticstone as the newest One of Your Kind member! “Stones are made of stardust. Every one of my creations has stones found by the seashore or in the meadows of Latvia. Ornaments are hand carved using a rotary tool engraver. The natural …

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  • 100% percale cotton vintage inspired 1880’s French style combination/onesie by Madde Vintage Inspired Nightwear. Free shipping worldwide.

    One of Your Kind presents Madde Vintage Inspired Nightwear!

    Every nightgown made by Madde is unique and it has it’s story – a copy of a pattern was found in a History Museum of ancient Latvians, another pattern was drawn from an original Victorian nighty that was bought in an antique shop in England, some other designs were made by Madde designer who finds …

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  • Very special earrings handmade of beans, acrylic paint, foil, lacquer and gold color simple earring hooks by Rasma Puspure Jewelry.

    Rasma Puspure Jewelry

    Rasma Puspure, who lives and works in Riga, Latvia, is studying at the Art Academy of Latvia, in the department of metal design, specialising in jewelry design. When Rasma creates jewelry or anything else, she finds inspiration in the nature, in various ordinary processes or objects, in items. Her major challenge and at the same …

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  • Lastroda Crowns

    One of Your Kind welcomes Lastroda!

    Artist Brigita Stroda aka Lastroda is a crown maker that will design your custom-made crown in a way that will show your personality the best. Crowns are not just pretty headpieces – those have to be worn by strong personalities with massive self-confindence. Are you ready for your big entrance? Brigita about herself and her work: “I …

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  • Baiba Glass interview for Daily Business

    Baiba Glass interview for Daily Business

    “Glass means a lot to me- it’s my passion, hobby and my whole life,” says Baiba Dzenite, glass brand Baiba Glass creator. She makes blown glass vases and dishes. «Everything started with vases. Now I try to work with the shape, because I understand that can develop a variety of items,” she says. When asked …

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  • Kuusins in IR Nauda Magazine

    Kuusins featured in IR Nauda magazine

    The newest Ir Nauda magazine holds something very special – Kuusins designers interviewed the product manager of the New Rosme lingerie Edgars Štelmahers to find out useful bits and bobs about the lingerie world. Result – total inspiration and excitement about the future so stay tuned for some juicy surprises! Many thanks to mentor and …

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  • ANIMA VITRUM. Glass studio. interview in Dienas Bizness

    Anima Vitrum First Interview

    Proud of Anima Vitrum. Glass studio. first interview in Daily Bussiness! Story about how it started, why she loves working with recycled glass so much and about her ambitious plans in future. All about being truly passionate about art and working hard to achieve her dreams!

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  • Wedding rings by Verba

    Oh…My Valentine!

    Love, there can never be too much love. Its what really matters, and it is always the answer. Love towards others, friends, family, strangers, coworkers. Love towards humanity, the planet, nature, music, the arts. Love yourself by taking good care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, learn, grow. Be honest with yourself and others. Love and respect go hand …

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